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Krista Johnson, Co-President


Krista Johnson met ED her freshman year at Syracuse. She fell in love right away with his ability to connect her with so many people in an industry she loves. Krista has stayed in touch with the fashion world all the way from Duluth, MN where she grew up, through each one of her four subscriptions to high fashion mags.

She is a public relations major at Newhouse and a marketing minor who is combining everything she loves with the fashion and beauty communications milestone. She has written for various local newspapers and national websites as well as being the public relations director for Zipped magazine on campus.

With her first NYC internship at Marie Claire under her belt she’s ready to take on another one and use everything’s she’s learned and everyone’s she’s connected with to help keep ED the most well networked group on campus.


Liz Gravier, Co-President

Liz Gravier is a junior magazine and Spanish dual major with a minor in marketing, but must admit mags, seemingly Ed, were her first love. Liz spotted Ed as a freshman and has been smitten ever since, especially after landing jobs on the E-board as project coordinator, treasurer, and now co-vice president.

Being the cordial mag-man he is, Ed introduced Liz to the many glossies around campus, one being SU’s first and only fashion magazine, Zipped, where she holds the position as feature editor.

Making this past summer one to remember, Ed even helped her land her first internship in New York City under Shape magazine’s roof where she learned social networking, the ins and outs of mags online, and even—for our fitted Edsters—celebrity trainers’ best workouts.

When Liz’s nose isn’t glued in between the glossy pages and pages of celebrity sightings, fashion-forward tips, and stardom interviews, it is most likely that she’s busy writing her own, on a date with her two most favorite men: Ben and Jerry, working with Ed to make her magazine editorial and writing dreams come true, or, of course, doing all three.


Brittany Leitner
Brittany Leitner, Vice President

Brittany Leitner Brittany Leitner met Ed fall of sophomore year and has been wondering how she lived without him ever since! Clearly intending to keep their relationship hot for the next three years, Brittany has become the secretary for Ed 2010 in order to stay attached to his hip and now she’s the vice president.
Brittany is a senior magazine journalism and English major and the managing editor for 20 Watts music magazine. When she isn’t busy writing witty articles for magazines, she’s pumping out poems and short stories for Verbal Seduction, the literary magazine her work has appeared in every semester since freshman year.
Brittany lived in New York City for the last two summers and was an editorial intern at Time Out New York magazine and most recently, a productions intern at Marie Claire. Her ultimate goal is to land a killer magazine editorial job and write her modern day William Faulkner-style novels on the side.


Sarah Schmalbruch, Secretary

Sarah Schmalbruch was first introduced to Ed as a freshman when he dropped in on one of her Newhouse classes. His promises of great networking connections in the magazine industry sparked her interest immediately, but it was not until she attended his first informational meeting that she realized she and Ed were the perfect match. After participating in (and enjoying) every one of Ed’s events during the first semester of her freshman year, Sarah accepted the position of social media coordinator. She stayed with Ed throughout the rest of her freshman year and her sophomore year. Now, as a junior, she is excited to once again be a part of the E-Board with the position of secretary.

Drawn to Syracuse all the way from Chicago, Sarah abandoned her hopes of a more tropical college climate for all the opportunities Newhouse had to offer. She has taken full advantage of these, having been hired as the managing editor for the campus’ fashion magazine, Zipped, and writing for multiple campus publications such as 360 Degrees Magazine and Equal Time Magazine. Sarah’s involvement and interests do, however, extend beyond the Newhouse walls. When she’s not writing or hanging out with friends, there’s a good chance she can be found working out in one of the campus gyms.

Having lived abroad in Zurich, Switzerland for 5 years, Sarah began traveling at an early age and has not stopped since. She hopes to continue to add to the unique experiences she had while living in Europe, and to one day secure a job at her favorite magazine, Marie Claire. But for right now, she’s focusing on making her relationship with Ed a long-term one.


Erik Barzdukas, Senior Web Editor

Erik Barzdukas was introduced to Ed soon after arriving on campus his freshman year. He continues to be impressed by Ed’s seemingly endless list of connections and never failing ability to provide food at every function. Erik works under Eric in order to keep the website spick and span.

Hailing from the greater Seattle area, Erik came out east to study magazine journalism and English, with plans to dabble in information studies. Besides being a huge computer nerd; he enjoys politics, literature of all forms, and sailing with the Syracuse sailing team. His magazine oriented goals include contributing to Harper’s, The Atlantic, Wired and maybe The Economist. He writes a political opinion blog for the Student Voice that is published online every Monday.


Christina Ferraro graduated from gluing the glossy pages of magazines to her walls to actually writing for them, penning articles for What the Health, Equal Time, and Zipped. She first encountered Ed the fall of her freshman year, at Juice Jam. Enthralled by his connections in the magazine industry, Tina knew immediately that Ed was the one for her.

Tina is a sophomore magazine journalism and psychology dual major, with a concentration in fashion. She writes and edits, but also has a mild interest in graphic design, thanks to Sherri Taylor. When she’s not running from class to her local internship, she enjoys reading Sylvia Plath and listening to her friends complain about the frat boys they’ve fallen in love with. In the future, she hopes to write about life, love and beauty at Elle magazine, not without the help of Ed.


Cristina Baussan,Treasurer

Christina Baussan is currently a sophomore at Newhouse, studying public relations. She ran into Ed her freshman year at Syracuse and has gone to every event since then. Ed2010 was exactly what she was looking for: an exciting way to immerse herself in the magazine world and learn from the experiences and advice of passionate editors.

Coming from a Salvadorian mother and a Haitian father, Christina was introduced to several cultures at a very young age and this has made traveling one of her strongest passions. She lived 11 years in Paris, France before moving to El Salvador, the place she calls home. Christina speaks English, Spanish, and French, and is willing to continue improving her Italian ever since she spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy her first semester of freshman year.

While at Syracuse, Christina has managed to maintain her interest and enthusiasm for magazines by getting involved in campus organizations and has written an article for Zipped. This past summer, she was a fashion editorial intern at Time Out NY Magazine. Christina hopes to later on secure a job at Elle – in Paris.


Advisor | Melissa Chessher | Magazine Department Chair
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

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