Crime Writer and Essayist Denise Grollmus Comes to Syracuse!

Ed is gearing up for the latest event!

Denise Grollmus┬áreports from the street and from her subjects’ brains, delving into their innermost pathos and sketching the scenes that tell the best, most vivid stories. Her writing cuts to the heart of current issues and speaks to real people’s problems, whether those be personal, crime-, or sweater-related.

Need proof? Read Denise’s article about her “rock’n'roll” relationship with Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, or her thoughts on the Joe Paterno scandal and the Danger of Making Gods Out of Men.

Grollmus’s work has appeared in The Best American Crime Writing 2006, Spin magazine,, Wax Poetics, The Cleveland Scene and other Village Voice Media papers. She is currently at work on a memoir and her MFA in creative nonfiction at Pennsylvania State University. Visit her on the web at and check out more of her published work.

She’ll give edsters advice on standing out and being creative with your writing, the importance of blogging, and breaking into the world of freelance.

WHO: Denise Grollmus, freelance writer
WHERE: Check your Ed2010 listserv!
WHEN: THIS Friday, March 2nd, 3:00 PM

Like always, Ed will be serving mid-afternoon treats. See you all there!

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