Ed Talks Tech with Stephen Bailey, Senior Online Producer for Men’s Fitness

Stephen Bailey, Senior Online Producer for Men's Fitness

Stephen Bailey has somewhat of the Midas touch when it comes to web programs. He started as a musician looking to produce a website to host MP3s for his band until he decided to go pro in right before the Y2K. In 2000, he teamed up with Hachette Filipacchi Media on mag websites for Woman’s Day, Home, Elle Decor, and more– growing page view from 200,000 a month to 12 million a month in his five years with the company. Now at Men’s Fitness Magazine as the Senior Online Producer, he has increased web views by 300 percent in the last three years. And last week, at his visit with Ed, he busted some web myths that could make or break your personal blog. If you missed out, here are a five tips regarding your web presence that Ed took a way from his chat.

1. Engage in conversation with your Facebook and Twitter followers. You have have a blog? Show it off. But keep your tweets and FB posts conversational. Pose a question, get a response, and then follow up again. Do not only broadcast yourself across the Internet with an RSS feed of article tweets.

2. Use easy search terms and be seen on Google. SEO is easier than you think. Just strike the sexy, clever, and funny headlines that you’d normally use in a print magazine and keep the title as simple as possible. An article about frying eggs should be called “5 Ways to Cook Eggs”– not “Let’s Get Cracking.”

3. Your meta-title and meta-description are important. Meta-who? This is the title and descriptive blurb that appear for search results on Google. Think easy search terms, but don’t be redundant (don’t say “eggs” five times in your description of the breakfast tips) and do NOT throw unrelated words like “sexy” into the mix just because they’d get more hits. Google will find you and kick you off.

4. Make a post’s URL the name of the post. You can often change the URL of any given blogpost on WordPress, but Stephen says to keep it the same as the title for better search results. “5 Ways to Cook Eggs” should be syracuseed2010.com/5-ways-to-cook-eggs. Simple.

5. Add three related articles to the bottom of each post. It’s a little extra effort, but it could keep your reader on your blog longer– the entire goal of the web biz.

–Kathleen Corlett

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