Ed Visits with Maura Johnston, of NPR’s “All Things Considered” and Music Editor of the Village Voice

Maura Johnston, music editor of The Village Voice, with Ed's E-board

Being a music editor is a lot more than just having an ear for a couple of tunes. Maura Johnston from NPR’s “All Things Considered” and new music editor of The Village Voice came to Syracuse Friday to give Edsters the real deal on how to write about music.

Johnston started her own website in 1994 through her college Northwestern University and bought the domain name Maura.com in 1996. She also founded the popular music blog Idolator, which is completely devoted to pop music.

In order to showcase a valid and respected opinion on music, it’s vital to know about all music genres and history of the industry. Johnston stressed how difficult it is to be a woman and be respected as a music writer. She coats her opinion pieces with information about the band and the era of the genre in order to make sure her audience takes her opinions seriously.

Johnston talked about her love for the popular blogging site Tumblr and suggested that you get started blogging there if you’re interested in having your own website or writing about music, because you get instant feedback from the Tumblr community. Take a stab at blogging and see what posts get the most hits from Tumblr bloggers– this will give you a better insight on what music blogs are looking for in terms of articles that prove to be the most buzz-worthy.

Ed loved showing Johnston around Syracuse! He wishes her the best of luck in her new position at Village Voice.

–Brittany Leitner


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