Exclusive Meet n’ Greet with Jeannie Ralston!

Ed learned how to mix it up with Jeannie Ralston this past sunny Friday afternoon. With 20 years of experience, Ralston brought Edsters tips on how to dabble in every corner of the magazine industry. Writing for Glamour, National Geographic, Time, and Travel and Leisure and editing for Allure and Parenting, name just a few stops in Ralston’s mag career. Ralston suggests that having a natural curiosity and knowing how to write for your audience keeps the doors open to writing for all different types of magazines. Build a network, use your clips to get jobs, and always bring enthusiasm to your work were also some of Ralston’s tips. “Work your relationships and don’t ever burn a bridge.”

Ralston shared the perks of freelancing for magazines: “You can live where you want to live,” she said. Magazines like an outside perspective and want to find stories from other places besides New York. Ralston also spoke about moving to Texas, starting a lavender farm and business, and writing a book. “Don’t think there’s only one way to measure your success,” she told Edsters.

–Sarah Digiulio

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